John Bennett was designated Texas State Artist by the Texas Legislature in 2010.  

He began figural sculpting in 1976 and then casting his work in bronze in 1985.  

Since then he has continued to develop his God-given talent as an artist, 

exibiting with honors in juried art shows, museums, and galleries.

"I am deeply attracted to the culture of the early west and southwest, especially the beauty of the people and their performance in life and art.  I see the romance in line and strength, balance and movement, and that's what I pursue in my work.  I strive for essentials, 

but enhance emotion.  I love action and excitement in a subject, especially if the finished piece can project its own soul, beyond just an image frozen in space and time."

“...acclaimed for his sculptures of women,

John has created works depicting women from 

all walks of life, from Old West legend Annie Oakley 

to 98-year-old Alice Reeves, a former 

schoolteacher and granddaughter of a slave; 

one of his pieces was selected by 

the Women’s Museum for display 

at the White House in 1999”  

-  Joint resolution by the 81st Texas Legislature, 2009